Key English
working_mode_title Working mode: %s
working_mode_choice Choose a working mode:
working_mode_button_continue Continue
working_mode_button_open Open %s
working_mode_root_removed_description The older versions of App Ops didn't follow system behavior correctly. For example, starting from Android 10, once you have changed location permission from the system, changes in App Ops never take effect. <p>To solve this problem, there is no choice but to completely follow the system. This is impossible with pure root. <p>Many people think that root is omnipotent, but in fact root basically only provides the capability to run commands in the Linux world. To enter the Android world, run something as "a bridge" is a must. "Shizuku" does this part of the job. Use "Shizuku" can reduce resource usage.
shizuku_mode Shizuku mode
shizuku_mode_over_root Shizuku mode (started via root)
shizuku_mode_over_adb Shizuku mode (started via adb)
shizuku_mode_shizuku_not_running (Shizuku is not running)
shizuku_mode_description + Works both root and non-root devices <br>+ Very fast, with negligible resource consumption <br>+ Enjoy full functionality <br><br>- Requires to install an open-source app (Shizuku) <br>- For non-root devices, every time of the reboot, it's required to start Shizuku using adb with computer <br>- For devices running Android 11 or above, Shizuku can be started without computer
shizuku_mode_error_version_too_low The version of installed Shizuku is too low, please download the latest version of Shizuzku (%s or above).
dpm_mode_error_timeout Cannot connect to the admin app %1$s. <p>The connection (called bound service in technical) may be blocked by your system. It is highly possible that manufacturers like OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung restrict bound service (even if the app does meet Android's standard). <p>Please try to disable these restrictions (background behavior restrictions) for both this app and the admin app %1$s. You can refer to %2$s.
progress_requesting_authorization Requesting for authorization…
permissions_view_item_summary %1$d app
permissions_view_item_summary_controlled_by_other %2$d app, controlled by %1$s
shared_user_id_tip The Shared user ID for this application is %s, and applications with the same Shared user ID share most of the permissions.
op_associated_with_runtime_r On Android 11 or above, the system only allows "location", "camera" and "microphone" to use %1$s.
new_app_behavior_notification_applying_template Applying template…
new_app_behavior_settings_restore_backup_summary Backup can come from previous configuration or from manually backup file
new_app_behavior_settings_apply_template_summary If "Restore backup" is enabled, this option will only in effect when backup not existed