Key English Italian
op_name_LOCATION use location
op_name_START_FOREGROUND run foreground service
op_name_WRITE_MEDIA_AUDIO write your music collection
op_name_READ_MEDIA_VIDEO read your video collection
op_name_WRITE_MEDIA_VIDEO write your video collection
op_name_READ_MEDIA_IMAGES read your photo collection
op_name_WRITE_MEDIA_IMAGES write your photo collection
op_name_READ_DEVICE_IDENTIFIERS read device identifiers
op_name_ACCESS_MEDIA_LOCATION access media location
op_name_QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES query all packages
op_desc_WAKE_LOCK On stock Android, WAKE_LOCK is only used for statistics and has no practical effect. <b><a href=>View related code</a></b><p>If you want to restrict the app from running in the background, please directly modify the "Run in background" option (requires Android 7.0 or higher).
op_desc_START_FOREGROUND In short, a foreground service is a background service with a notification that can't be dismissed. Because you can actively aware of the existence of it from the notification, system will ensure the survival of foreground services.<p>Deny this will cause foreground services fallback to normal services, this may break app behavior (such as music player stops in the background, map app stops location update).<p><b><a href=>View the documentation at Android Developers</a></b>
op_desc_READ_CLIPBOARD On Android 10 or above, apps can read clipboard only if in the foreground.
op_desc_ACCESS_MEDIA_LOCATION Allow the app to read locations from media files (via Media Store).
op_desc_READ_DEVICE_IDENTIFIERS On Android 10 or above, by default, any user apps have no permission to read the device identifiers (IMEI, MEID, IMSI, SIM card number and device serial).