Key English Armenian
home_status_service_version Version %2$s, %1$s Փոփոխակ %2$s, %1$s
home_root_description In addition, Shizuku can be started automatically on boot. If not, please check if your system or third-party tools have restricted Shizuku.<br>You can refer to %s.
home_root_description_sui If you are using Magisk, you can try %1$s (a Riru module). For root users, it will eventually replace Shizuku. Note, existing applications needs to change a little to use %2$s.
home_app_management_authorized_apps_count Authorized %d application Վավերացված է %d ծրագիր
home_terminal_title Use Shizuku in terminal apps
home_terminal_description Run commands through Shizuku in terminal apps you like
terminal_tutorial_1 First, Export files to any where you want. You will find two files, %1$s and %2$s.
terminal_tutorial_1_description If there are files with the same name in the selected folder, they will be deleted.

The export function uses SAF (Storage Access Framework). It's reported that MIUI breaks the functions of SAF. If you are using MIUI, you may have to extract the file from Shizuku's apk or download from GitHub.
terminal_export_files Export files
terminal_tutorial_2 Then, use any text editor to open and edit %1$s.
terminal_tutorial_2_description For example, if you want to use Shizuku in %1$s, you should replace %2$s with %3$s (%4$s is the package name of %1$s).
terminal_tutorial_3 Finally, move the files to somewhere where your terminal app can access, you will be able to use %1$s to run commands through Shizuku.
terminal_tutorial_3_description Some tips: grant execute permission to %1$s and add it to %2$s, you will able to use %1$s directly.