Key English Chinese (Simplified)
contribute_translation Contribute translation 协助翻译
translation_contributors The translation is contributed by %s. 翻译由 %s 贡献。
wireless_adb_short WADB
wireless_adb Wireless adb 无线 adb
about About 关于
open_source_info This software is open source (%1$s) under %2$s. 此软件是 %2$s 下的开源软件(%1$s)。
dialog_not_rooted_message This device is not rooted or the request was denied by the root manager. 此设备没有 root 或是请求被 root 管理器拒绝。
notification_wadb_enabled_title %s is enabled %s 已启用
notification_wadb_enabled_button_disable Disable %s 禁用 %s
settings_toggle_summary_on Enabled 已启用
settings_toggle_summary_off Disabled 已禁用
settings_show_notification Show notification 显示通知
settings_show_notification_summary Show a notification when "%s" is enabled 启用“%s”时显示一条通知
settings_allow_toggle_lock_screen Allow switching when locked 锁定时允许切换
settings_allow_toggle_lock_screen_summary Allow switching from quick settings when the screen is locked 允许屏幕锁定时从快速设置切换
settings_hide_icon Hide from home screen 从主屏幕隐藏
settings_hide_icon_summary Hide this app from the home screen 从主屏幕隐藏此应用
dialog_hide_icon_message_q Note, starting from Android 10, the system may enforce all apps to be shown on the home screen. 请注意,从 Android 10 开始,系统可能会强制所有应用显示在主屏幕上。
settings_keep_screen_on Keep screen on 保持屏幕开启
settings_keep_screen_on_summary Keep the screen on when "%s" is enabled 启用“%s”时保持屏幕开启